The Trendiest Hair Colors of 2018


Beauty trends are getting richer and richer every year. In recent years, hair colors have become very diversified, just like makeup trends and other beauty criteria. You can enrich your beauty with hues that fit your face type and skin color. Hair color can make your face shape seems smarter. Baling and ombre techniques and many more hair color trends can make you shine everywhere. Trend hair colors of the 2018 season include great tones that appeal to every people who want to seem more attractive.

Trend Hair Colors for 2018

Here are many charming hair colors to be popular in 2018!


Holographic Hair Color

holographic hair color

In the last decade, hair coloring trends have become quite marginal. People dye their hair to really unique and interesting colors. We could see different hair colors, from purple to pink to pastel tones. In today’s marginal fashion world, we are interested in the hologram hair color trend, which will be common trend for 2018.

Ocean Hair Color

ocean hair color

The fashion world is often inspired by nature. The 2018 hair color trends include tremendous blue tones inspired by the pure ocean. It will make you seem more noble with the nobility of blue, green and turquoise tones. If you want to have an ombre, you can dye your hair in blue and green with baling technique. And you will be ready to rock summer 2018!


Bright White Hair Color

bright white hair color

Last year was ruled by gray hair trend. Silver, gray and gray- white color will be popular in 2018. But the bright white color will be the best example of white tones.


Matte Hair Color

matte hair color

As well as make-up fashion, matte color hair is also becoming popular. Blonde, auburn, brown or black hair in matte tones are among the most popular hair colors of 2018.


Peach Hair Color

peach hair color

Along with the pastel hair color trend, many different pastel tones have been applied to the hair. The peach hair color in pastel shades is one of the most popular of them. This soft cute color will be everywhere in summer 2018!

Bordeaux Brown Hair Color

bordeaux brown hair color

Brown hues were at the peak last year. Especially chocolate-shade coffee tones were very popular. These chocolate tones are leaving their throne to burgundy tones in 2018. Bordeaux-coffee will be one of the trend hair colors this summer. Maybe it’s time to make change to brown.

Fire Red Hair Color

fire red hair color

Red hair colors are also one of the trendiest colors of 2018. This fire red, orange and red color combination will become popular this color.

Mermaid Hair Color

mermaid hair color

The dominance of colors will continue in 2018. There will be a wonderful year with the hair coloring trend and the colorful hair. Pastel colors or vibrant shades are ready to flourish in summer 2018!

Cola Cherry Hair Color

cherry cola hair color

It may sound weird but it is real. This hair color, inspired by the color of coke, will be chosen by lots of ladies in 2018. We will see plenty of reddish black hair color everywhere around.

Amethyst Hair Color

ametyist hair color

It is best way to seem charming with the help of purple hair! Fascinating purple shades of amethyst hair will make you look gorgeous.

Copper Yellow Hair Color

copper yellow hair color 2018

The warm yellow tones are among the trendy hair colors in summer 2018. You can also look great in winter with yellow hair with copper reflections. This color is suitable for four seasons!

Dark Black Hair Color

dark black hair color

Last year was the year for dark brown colors cut this year will be for dark black ones! Get ready for the darkest ones…

Brown Shadows on Black

brown shades on black

Chocolate coffee reflections are applied on black color with balisage technique. Especially the balisage is very popular among the hair colors of 2018. If you have black hair, you can add shine to your hair!

Rainbow Hair Color

rainbow hair color

Unicorn horses also have made a mark on the fashion world. Get ready to see the rainbow colors in hair in 2018. From pastel tones to vibrant tones, you can definitely use these fascinating 7 colors in your hair. Be unique as the rainbow!

Cacao Hair Color

cacao hair color

If you get rid of chocolate coffee, you can use cocoa color rather than coffee tones. Cocoa hair color is a cold brown tone.

Yellow to Red Ombre

blonde to red ombre

Ombre has been a trend since 2016-2017 season. Over time, the classic ombre lost its popularity, but the ombre with different colors is still very trendy. Especially yellow ombre on the red hair is very popular in 2018.

Milky Coffee Hair Color

hair color coffee with milk

Although vivid colors are popular, naturalness has also gain importance over the years. The coffee color of milky coffee which gives a natural appearance is among the colors that become trend in 2018.

These are the hair colors that you will come across every day and everywhere in 2018. Click for the suggestions for other colors and tones.


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