Short Hairstyles and Haircuts 2018


Shortcut is the New Trend of This Year

Having a shortcut may be an advantage. Summer is coming but haven’t you still decided what shorthair style to apply? You may have had long hair in winter but is high time you had it cut short. However, you must have a trendy hairstyle. That is why you will find short hairstyles of 2018 summer in this article!

1-Pageboy Haircut

This has always been one of the trendiest haircut of all time. Not only blonde but also dark color hair is suitable for this style. Generally, this style has equal length from the both sides of head and irreplaceable model for summertime. It is very popular among Hollywood stars and other celebrities. It makes you look noble, moreover easy to care. That’s why a lot of celebrities like Rihanna chose this style.

  1. Pixie Cut

If you are looking for a very feminine style this is just for you! Moreover, it gives you a charming appearance. There are some important parameters like hair color, face shape you should consider if you want to have Pixie cut. You will feel the advantage of having this model since it doesn’t tire you to care.

  1. Bob Shortcut Models

If you want to have a real cool looking you should definitely try this one. Generally, it is confused with Pageboy cut but it is a mistake. Have your hair cut jaw length and don’t forget to have a camber from the nape. Here it is a sassy bob cut style! It will have a mark in this summer. It is very popular among young girls because of its easy-care.  You can also try long bob cut or lob cut if you have a longer hair. You just need to have a shoulder length hair!

  1. Undercut Hair Models

Do you have a short haircut? Does your hair have a messy nature? This is what you need! It resembles masculine models but it of course it is not. You must have a shortcut from both sides and longer from the front to have this style. This is the new choice of celebrities like Rihanna, Anne Hathaway and many others.

You can find other short hair models from the gallery and find the best for you.



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