Pixie Hairstyles And Haircut For 2018


The pixie-cut is not only elves, it makes a revelation out of every face, because now the woman has nothing left to hide behind. We’ve picked some of the most beautiful pixie cuts in the world for you and hope you enjoy browsing – and have the guts to make a haircut that can change your life!

The Pixie Cut, a combination of different hair lengths, which are sometimes only two to three millimeters on the sides, is the most versatile of all short hairstyles. Despite the harsh traits of the Pixie is a very feminine hairstyle, as here Michelle Williams proves. Such a pixie cut not only carries in the name of something elfish (English: pixie = elf), he also transforms his wearer into a delicate being who can not hide behind a mountain of hair. Apart from that, the Pixie is a real fashion statement and looks ultra-cool!

Pixie Cut For Women 2018

Colorful Pixie Cut

Long top coat, shorter sides: The Pixie cut is – in addition to the 11mm version – quite feminine, as we see here on the runway of the Paris fashion shows. Iridescent color plays emphasize the refined cut structure.

Colorful Pixie Cut 2018

Pixie cut curly

Of course, the Pixie Cut goes – and even with the best – even in women with very curly to frizzy hair. Regular regrooving is of course compulsory, otherwise it looks too bushy! Here we see a backlit version to model Milena Gawryluk.

Pixie Cut Curly

Pixie cut with a long pony

A pony cut with a long pony – who does not want to go straight to the brim, puts on this haircut …

Fringed pixie cut

This pixie cut works through a fuzzy cut and subtle play with the hair color. The best part of the cut are the many styling possibilities!

Fringed Pixie Cut

Visit our galerie to see other pixie haircuts!


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