Make up Trends of 2018


There will be many differences in make-up trend. The eyeliner will be used even more intensively, the skin will shine, the matte red lipstick will be replaced by bright shades. You can find the best tips for 2018 makeup trends here.

Put Forward the Eye lines


exaggerated eyeline makeup

Forget the fine, flawless eye-line. This year, the thicker, even geometric shapes will be fashionable. It is up to you to create wonders with a soft eye pencil. Don’t hesitate to be creative. For example, apply the eyeliner all through your your eyelid.

Silvery Eyeshadows


silvery eyeshadows makeup

Bright, silvery, vibrant tones will replace matte tones this year. The eyes will be shiny. Find a silvery eyeshadow that matches your eye color. However, your eye makeup should not dominate your lip makeup. If you choose a lipstick in metallic shades, your eye makeup should not be more attractive. Although this year is the year of “exaggeration”, you should still pay attention to “balance” and “harmony”.

Farewell to Matte Lipsticks


red lipstick makeup

This year, bright tones will replace the matt lipsticks that have been in use for the last few years. Even red lipsticks will be shiny. We will experience the flashback of the makeup trends of especially the ‘80s and’ 90s. For the 2018 makeup trends tips, it’s enough to look at the celebrities of the 80’s and 90’s. Those who do not like glossy lipsticks can use matte tones, but don’t forget to be brave!

A little bit Sunburn on Cheeks


makeup trend 2018

This year will be out-of-the-box. Choose neither orange nor pink. No more cheeks like Heidi. Try the bronze blushes. Cupreous tones will provide a light bronze look. Hence, bronze blushes also have different varieties. Try to find the most gorgeous tone that matches your skin tone and your overall makeup.

Porcelain-like Skin


porcelian trends makeup 2018

In 2018 Fashion Shows, we saw and understood that porcelain makeup is everywhere because most of the models resemble porcelain dolls. Makeup experts prefer wet and natural skin this year. A natural make-up will enable you to follow trends. Wet and natural appearance can be obtained with a moisturizing cream or gel cream.

You will find much more suggestions about makeup trends of 2018 by makeup experts in the upcoming days, just follow our site!



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