Long Dark Hairstyles : Special For Brunettes Women 2018



Those who have long black hair are very lucky! You should never complain about your hair if you have bright, brilliant hair. If you do not know how to shape your long black hair, www.newlasthairstyles.com will help you to choose. We searched for and found the most practical and stylish black hair models for you. Let’s see which one will be your favorite?

1-Wet Look Hairstyles

Wet Look Hairstyles 2018

One of the most common hair trends seen in fashion weeks is wet looking hair. You can easily make this very masculine hairstyles with hair gel. Part your hair from the side or from the center, it is up to you. Then fix your hair with hair, that’s it! You will look gorgeous.

2-Natural-Loking Waves Hairstyles

Natural-Loking Waves Hairstyles 2018

You can shape your hair in a more natural and practical way with hair moss rather than heat. Take some hair moss and apply it to your hair from the top to the ends. Shape your hair with your hands. Have some curls at the ends, that’s all! Natural waves will look cool all day long.

3-Curls For Brunettes

Curls For Brunettes 2018

You will need a curling tong to wear curls on your long black hair. Do not forget to apply heat protection spray before applying curling tong to your hair. Then start the hair from the roots to roll your hair to the hair tong and go through to the ends. Apply the same procedure to your whole hair and apply a hair spray.

4-Straight Hair For Brunettes Women

Straight Hair For Brunettes Women

Another trend that mostly seen around during fashion weeks is straight, smooth hair. If you have natural straight hair, you are so lucky! If not, you can get straighter hair by applying the hair dryer above your hair while you are drying your hair. By applying hair care oil to your hair ends, you can prevent both your hair from becoming static and make it look brilliant.


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