Hairstyles Tips For The First Date 2018



The first impression is very important for everybody. If that person is someone that you like or care about, it is even more important. Today we will inform you about the women hair models which should be used in the first meeting. As first impression, the most notable items are clothes and hair. We will offer you wonderful suggestions about hairstyle. In the first date, you shouldn’t prefer too exaggerated hairstyles. However, it must be stylish and to impress your partner. You can find below best advices for hairstyles to be worn at the first meeting. Inspired by our hair proposals for the first date and we guarantee that your partner will be highly influenced by your perfect looking. Let’s look at these unique ideas.

1-Side Braid Hairstyle

Side Braid Hairstyle 2018

In order to have this hair style, first you need to straighten your hair well. After that, separate your hair thoroughly from the side. Whatever side you separate your hair, hold three strands of hair at he the same side and braid them classically. Then, do the same for the other side. After that, combine both of them have a finger thickness braid. Finally, you can fix it at the back or use it freely. You can also do it easily by looking at the pictures below.

2-Twisted Ponytail

Twisted Ponytail Hair Style 2018

Part your hair at the back and have two strands, one is thicker the other one is smaller. Collect the thicker hair strand with the help of a buckle and form a ponytail. For the other hair strand, fix the hair with the help of a Kirby grip by wrapping it tightly with a rubber buckle. There are stages in photography, you should follow these steps to reach the style of a twisted ponytail.

3-Twisted Braid Hair Style

Twisted Braided Hairstyles 2018

The twisted braid hair is formed easily. Give your hair a twist and rotate the front of the hair into a twist and give it a classic braid style. Afterwards, combine these twits backwards and fix it with rubber buckle. You will really like this twisted braid model. This style is really suitable for your first meeting. If you do not satisfy with this hairstyle, the other models will surely attract you.

4-Semi-ponytail Hairstyle

Semi Ponytail Hair 2018

If I will have a first date, my selection will be the semi ponytail hairstyle. The application is also simple and practical. We especially added pictorial process in order to make it easier for you. If you decide this hair model, you should first wave your hair with a tong. Then collect the hair on the top and wear a rubber buckle. If you really want quickness and elegance, this is for you.


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