Hairstyles For Blondes 2018 : Hairstyles Just Special To Blonde Haircolor



You are very lucky because you have one of the hair colors that men find most attractive and every woman wants! Of course, you have to choose stylish hair models to show such a beautiful hair color. If you’re looking for a great hairstyle for your blond hair, let’s read the article below.

1.Wavy Long Bob for Blondes

Wavy Long Bob For Blondes

The long bob cut is one of this season’s trends! The famous actress Julianne Hough also chooses this hairstyle! You can also choose a wavy long bob hairstyles pattern if you have a platinum-yellow hair color.

2.Half bun for Blondes

Half Bun For Blondes

This hairstyle called half bun fits blondes so well! You can have this half bun hairstyle by parting your hair into two as up and down.  Then make a bun with the upper tuft and you have the half bun for blonde hair.

3.Half Ponytail for Blondes

Hailf Ponytail For Blondes

If you have long, blond hair, half ponytail will be a super preference for you! Leave your hair messy, then make a pony tail by using a tuft with upper back of your hair.

4.French Braid Ponytail for Blondes

French Braid Ponytail for Blondes

The trend of French braid and its attraction are indisputable! You can get a stylish look by trying the French braid on your blonde hair. You can search in our site if you do not know how to make a French braid.

5.Ponytail for Blonde Hair

Ponytail For Blonde Hair

A voluminous ponytail is very chic and trendy. You can use it everywhere, as well. It will look mesmerizing with your bright blonde hair!

6.Boxer braid for Blonde Hair

Boxer braid for Blonde Hair

Double French braid also called boxer braid is everywhere this season! You can click here to get this view. Part your hair from the center by starting from your forehead. Make double French braid through your neck. Then combine two French braid at the nape. You have the popular boxer braid or also called Kim Kardashian braid.

7.Blunt Haircut for Blonde Hair

Blunt Haircut for Blonde Hair

When the blunt haircut on shoulder-length and the straight hairstyle combine with each other, comes out an elegant hairstyle. The new trend; shoulder length blunt haircut for blondes!

8.Half Braids for Blonde Hair

Half Braids for Blonde Hair

Separate the front part of your hair in two and braid both parts. Hold two braids and combine them at the back of your head and fix it with kirby grips. Of course, the rest of your hair will be straight and messy, and a fairytale look will come out by means of half braids for blonde hair.

9.Short Pixie-cut for Blonde Hair

Short Pixie Cut For Blonde Hair

The pixie haircuts in which forelocks fall to the forehead are the haircuts fit to blond hair best. If you want to be different and marginal with your haircut, you can choose this cut.

10.Layered and Wavy Hairstyle for Blonde Hair

Layered and Wavy Hairstyle for Blonde Hair

You will look gorgeous with layered and wavy hair, styled with moving hair dryer. It is one of the most comfortable hairstyles for blonde hair 2018!


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