Hair Marbling Technique Is Mesmerizing : Its New Trend Of 2018


Beauty Trends Marbling Hair Dye Technique

Marble Hair Is the Hair Dye Trend of 2018 — It is hot in Fashion Trends

We are accustomed to marble nail art and marble lip art but have you ever heard of marble hair art? Hair marbling is the latest trend that enables you to be as noble as a rainbow! It gives you great tie-dye shades which is also one of the latest trend. Can you imagine the way it is created? Be ready to stunned when you read the method!

The Allure Hairstylist Ash Fortis is the creator of this trend. She put a remark in hairstyle art deriving the technique from marbled nail. The specialty of this style is the unique result because every practice has different results.

It is easy to compose hair dye formula. You need shaving cream, mesh strips and various bright colored dyes. Open a mesh strip and put a layer of shaving cream onto it as the first step. Then spread various bright colored dyes on top of shaving cream. Use a stick or back of the color brush to swirl designs on the strip and create your marble. When you get the design you like, you are ready to apply your hair. Separate your hair and pass a section of hair onto the stripped that you created your marble. Then place a clear strip on top of it. Apply the same method for the rest of your hair sections. You will have a multicolored but a unique design! Be ready for the questions because every lady around you will eagerly ask you what your miracle secret is.

Look at our gallery for the stunning hair marble technique results and share with us yours.

1-Marble Hair Color For Long Hair

Marble Hair Color For Long Hair


2-Marble Hair Color Short Hairstyles


Marble Hair Color Short Hairstyles

3-Marble Haircolors 2018

Marble Haircolors 2018

4-Marble Haircolors Technique 2018

Marble Haircolors Technique 2018

5-Marble Full Hair Color

Marble Full Hair Color

6-Best Marble Tecnique For Women

Best Marble Tecnique For Women



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