6 Makeup Tips For Brunettes 2018



Are you searching for makeup colors for brunettes? The art of makeup, which consists of luminous effects and accents, is of course closely related to colors. While the brown hair and the fair skin reflect the light in a way, the brunette also carries the makeup otherwise. If you want to learn a trick to have a great makeup, you can have a look at our tactics that we learned from make-up artists.

Coral Accent On Lips For Brunettes

Coral Accent On Lips For Brunettes

The rich colors like coral color, urban cherry decay are perfect with dark hair. Dark colors will increase the emphasis on your lips. Now that you know best lipstick for brunettes.

Charm of Neon Pink

Charm of Neon Pink For Brunettes

While matte pink lipsticks can show you pale, vivid fuchsia will give you that much brilliance. In this case, you should also remember to choose a thin eyeliner and mascara in your eyes.

Pink Support for Cheekbones

Pink Makeup For Brunettes

Applying a tanner first to the cheekbones gives a natural and healthy glow to your face. Blushes with intense pink and orange shades are also ideal for dark skin.

If you want a makeup that is denser and reveals its lines, you can try to make a contour. After applying a tanner to your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose vibrant peach tone blusher will show you bright. Do not forget to emphasize your eyes together with this skin make-up and be plain on your lips.

Eye Make-up Types For Brunettes

Eye Make-up Types For Brunettes

For Blue: For those with dark hair and blue eyes; brilliant, emerald green and dark brown are excellent color choices. The color that needs to be avoided is blue, because it can cause your eyes to stay dim. Makeup for brunettes with blue eyes.

For Green: If you have dark hair color and green eyes, colors like crazy purple, dark ruby red and amber cakes are enough to shine like a jewel! However, we recommend avoiding green and its other tones. These are the best tips for makeup for brunettes with green eyes.

For Brown: Wine color, dark violet color, navy blue and dark green are ideal for brown eyes. You found a great tip for makeup for brunettes with brown eyes and fair skin.

Also, whatever the color of your eyes, the smoky eye makeup that you will make with a smoky eyeshadow will look great on you.


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