21 Cool Men’s Hairstyles 2018


The men would present undercut, pompadour and mid-length shaved hairstyle in 2018. Will this trend continue for the trend-conscious man in 2018 or can you expect new styling? One thing is certain, short hairstyles are and will remain the most sought after hairstyles, as the men’s world prefers uncomplicated and fast styling hairstyles.

Straightforward short hairstyles – TOP 1 in 2018

When it comes to hair, in the male sex bathrooms, it must be quick and easy. What is better for this than a male hairstyle that requires little attention and yet looks stylish and well-groomed?

Men’s hairstyles suitable for everyday use can easily be styled back with a little pomade (ointment-like grease for hair care) or gel. Even the casual “out-of-the-bed” short hairstyle will be a total hit again in 2018 and fits in perfectly with the modern, fast-paced man of today. The great thing about this man’s hairstyle is that there are no prescriptions or styling tips for the hair. The more messy and ruffled the hairstyle is, the better. A tip would be to distribute modeling gel or fiber gum in your hands and to model the front hair part forwards and upwards. This gives you a particularly effective and cool look.

Side swoop, the hairstyle trend next year

Side vertexes used to be considered unsexy and unmanly in the past by the stronger sex. In 2018, “side-swoop” styling is a must-have for hair. Especially in combination with a casual three-day beard, this hair trend on women is irresistible.

The Streberlook should be perfectly matched to the head shape of the wearer, because not every man is a side parting and straight hair.

Oval faces have pulled the lotus, because every hairstyle is suitable.
For round faces, it looks a bit different, because this shape requires a look that pulls the proportions in the length and a side parting would not be the most ideal in this case.
In order to perfectly wear this man’s hair all day long, you should especially fix the top hair as well as the hair along the crown with a gloss gel or hairspray. The hairstyle trend is even more effective when you wear casual nerd glasses or a silk scarf.

The sexy wet look continues

Not only in the world of women, the wet hair trend is loved, but it will be the men’s hairstyle 2018 increasingly worn in a casual wet look. Whether short hairstyle, medium-long hair or long hairstyles, hairstyle trend with wet effect remains in the new year. For this you only need a styling gel, which achieves the wet effect. Run your hands through your hair and then style your desired hairstyle. Either classic and strict to the back or casual upwards. Gladly you can have your side and neck hair here cut short and you miss a trendy undercut, which will again in 2018 a topic, but is losing much in importance. So if you like it and like it extremely, you combine the wet look with an undercut.

Frowning, a megatrend in the men’s world 2018!

Frowning in the man? Yes, you’ve read that correctly! It is a fact that a longer ponyparty, which is combed casually in the forehead, in the year 2018 is very trendy and in combination with a short hairstyles or medium-long hair is very versatile. It is important that the front fringes are cut so that you can style your hairstyle changeable, so you can fry the pony with wax or gel in the face, but also to the rear. Of course, bangs are not suitable for everyone and should suit your type. The style is guaranteed nothing for boring and philistines, but for adventurers who know where to go.


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