2018 Trends Hairstyles For Short Curly Hairstyles


This 15 Short Curly HAirstyles Are Life Saving!

If you have both short and curly hair, the preparation time in the morning may be a little long for you. You can get rid of frizzy and unshaped hair when you wake up. You can find the best short curly hair model in here. One of them will surely save your life!

1-Short Nape Curly Haircut

Short Nape Curly Haircut

Short nape hair models will show your hair more voluminous than the real. This hairstyle is one of the most favorite haircuts of the year 2018, and it fits very well with curly short hair.

2-Side-parted Hair

Side-parted Hair

If you decide to grow your short hair, this hairstyle is just for you! We recommend that you use your hair usually by parting it from the side, you can easily manage this process by curling your hair ends with a tong.

3-Curly Strands

Curly Strand For Short Hairstyles

If you complain about your short hair covering your face, you can fix the strands you get from the front of your hair at the back. We recommend you to trey this hairstyle with different buckles.

4-Short Curly Pixie Hairstyles

Short Curly Pixie Hairstyles

This is one of the best hair models to match with summer season! If you are complaining about your hair not being shaped easily, you should show this hair model to your hairdresser.

5-Wet-looking Trend Short Curly Hairstyles

Wet-looking Trend Short Curly Hairstyles

The wet-looking hair trend has an increasing popularity nowadays. You can also get this hairstyle with the help of hairspray or hair gel.

6-Tied-back Curly Short Hairstyles

Tied-back Curly Short Hairstyles

Another hairstyle that will decrease the preparation time in the morning is this one! First mark the curls with foam, then tie them at the back.

7-Forelock Curly Short Hairstyles

Forelock Curly Short Hairstyles

If you have thin hair, you should try this hairstyle. It is possible to control your curly hair with a forelock model.

8-Micro-forelock Curly Short Hairstyles

Micro-forelock Curly Short Hairstyles

If you’re looking for a cool haircut, you are looking at the right photos. How about shaping your short hair with micro-forelock?


9-Short Side Curly Haircut

Short Side Curly Haircut

You can have both sides of your hair cut shorter so that you can make your curls notable. Moreover, you can shape your hair more easily.

10-Side-parted Curly Bob Hair

Side-parted Curly Bob Hair

If you have bob model hair, you can make it more voluminous by parting the hair from the side. Do not forget to apply hair care oil to your hair ends.

11-Marginal Short Curly Hairstyles

Marginal Short Curly Hairstyles

Those who want to try different haircuts, should definitely try this one! You will look cooler and more masculine.

12-Rainbow Short Curly Hair

Rainbow Short Curly Hair

You can try the colorful hair fashion of the season with curly short hair. How about reflecting your rainbow colors on your hair ends? You will look eye-catching!

13-Curly Braid Short Hair

Curly Braid Short Hair

Do not forget to shape your hair with braid. You can make this pattern by braiding back the strands you have taken from the front of your hair. Curly hairs can also be braid!


Side-Locks Curly Short Hairstyles

You can use your hair lock not just at the forehead but you can have at either side. That will look more stylish!

15-Asymmetric Curly Short Haircut

Asymmetric Curly Short Haircut

In order to control your curly hair, you should try a long asymmetrical hair model. That will really work!


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