2018 Hair Trends African Style Black Hairstyles


African fashion storm will ruin all the stereotypes in 2018! Forget all the hair fashion comes from Europe or America. African trends will be everywhere even in London, New York, Milan, etc. Fashion Shows.

1-African wave / Afro curly:

African Wave Curly Hairstyles 2018

Very long hair is disadvantageous for this model, your hair should be 40 cm long at most. It depends on your hair being bush or thin. Thin hair is not suitable for this model.

It takes about 2 hours to apply this model.

1- First of all, braid your hair backwards like the cornrows pattern. After having braid, the hair is fixed.

2- After heat-treated additional artificial afro hair is set in desired length and wave, it is fixed with different fixing techniques without the help of different apparatuses.

3- The additional hair, does not weight a lot and can be carried easily.

2-African Braid Hairstyles

African Braid Hairstyles 2018

The African braid harstyles is an old and well-established art that has been inherited from generation to generation in Africa. The origin of the art form dates back to 3500 BC, in Egypt. Each region of Africa has its own traditional style in its hair braid, and each person has its own unique style. For example, in many West African countries, the hair braid shows the social status of the person, age group and tribe. In Africa, hair braids are mainly specific to women, but in some regions men also create their own styles and apply them in their own hair, short or long.

African Braid Styles

There are lots of African Braid models, you can find the trendiest ones below.

Country Plait

The country plait, which is thicker than the other braid styles, gets thinner from the top down, is often used at night invitations with elegant dressy. It’s easier to make than others.

3-AfricanĀ Cornrow Hairstyle

African Cornrow Hairstyle 1028

Cornrows, an African braid style developed after the country plait model, is preferred by the younger generation. Although it is familiar with the country plait model, it is more common and thinly braided in cornrow style.

4-AfricanĀ Single Braid Hairstyles

African Single Braid Hairstyles 2018

The Single Braid is the classic African braid used by most people. It is made with knots called African knots or Zulu knots. It is both more time-consuming and expensive than others. They usually have real hair extensions

You can visit our gallery to review other African hair styles!



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