2018 Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair



All You Need To Know For A Long Bridal Hairstyle  !  

Brides who has long hair is may be the luckiest ones because they can have lots of different hair models? The most important is to decide to right model for you. If you do not know and worry about this, you’ll see all the things you should consider while choosing the right long bridal hairstyles in this article …

To Whom Long Hair Fits Best?

Long hair fits best to wavy or curly hair type. Because these hair is quite voluminous. If you have straight hair, long hair may look ordinary. For that reason, regular care is necessary. If you have long and straight hair, the natural hair is not suitable for you.

Long Bridal Hair Models

Hair models that have the most options to make a bridal hairstyle are long ones. You can make many hairstyles from ponytail to semi-up do models, from messy bun to bun at the top models. It depends on you.

1-Ponytail bridal hair model

Uzun Saç 2018 için At Kuyruğu Gelin Saç Modelleri

If you have long hair, one of the models you must prefer mostly in daily life is the ponytail. Whether it is done or not, it adds very moody and cool feeling. If your wedding dress is a low-cut back one, you should definitely choose it. This takes all the attention gracefully on your back. If you have a transparent décolleté instead of a deep décolleté, you should choose straight up do ponytail models.

2-Messy bun long bridal hair models

Dağınık topuz gelinlik lon saç modelleri 2018

The messy bun, which are the most preferred bridal hair models, are generally preferred with low shouldered or open-necked wedding dresses. It’s a lot easier than you think to apply a messy bun model to a long hair. Because you can have trend just up doing your hair gently.

3-Braid bridal hair models

Uzun Saç 2018 için Örgü Gelin Saç Modelleri

Braid bridal hair models are divided into 3 groups. The most known of these is the braid bun and braid model bridal hair. Nevertheless, it has also been observed artificial braids attached to hair.

4-Semi updo long bridal hair models

Uzun Saçlar İçin Updo Gelin Hairstykes

The semi updo hairstyles, the hairstyle of fairytale princesses, is very popular in recent years. If you are planning to have a semi up do bridal hair and if your hair is thin, you should absolutely fill it with artificial hair. Otherwise, your hair will fade immediately. If you already have thick hair, all you need to comb your hair in curls …


5-Side-parted bridal hair models

Yan Bölünmüş Gelin Saç Modelleri 2018

You can collect all your hair on the left or right side. However, you have to give up veil if you really want this model. Otherwise it will shadow all the glory of your hair. I recommend using long, shaky buckles with side-separated bridal models.

6-Bun at the top bridal hair models

Top Gelin Saç Modelleri

Audrey olarak da bilinen en basit gelin saçlarından biridir. Kafanın tepesinde bulunur. Bu saç modelinin ön kısmı genellikle sıkı olmasına rağmen, bazen kavislidir. Topuzdaki topuz, uzun saçlar için topuz modelleri arasında sizin için avantajlıdır . Çünkü kendi saçlarınızdan baştan aşağı bir modele kadar örgü veya ince bir şerit yapabilirsiniz. Bu modeli tercih ederseniz, örtüsünü topuzun altına yapıştırmalısınız.


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