18 Bridal Hairstyles and Make-up 2018


You can find here the latest long , short hairstyles, wavy, messy Bridal Hairstyles; the smartest bun models and bridal make up! Look at the hair models created by the most famous coiffeurs!

What Should You Consider While Choosing Bridal Hairstyle?

 The most important things that you should consider while choosing your bridal hair are face shape, hair type and wedding dress model. If you have an oval face you can have a top bun, and messy hair at the side or neck. If you have a round face you should have a bulky top bun and a fishtail braid ponytail. If you have a square face you must try messy hair with curls. The luckiest people are who have an oval face because they can apply any hairstyle. Your wedding dress collar type is also important while choosing bridal hairstyle. You should try bridal crown rather than veil if you have braid hair model.

How Should You Match Your Bridal Hairstyle with You Wedding Dress?

Your bridal hairstyle must fit your wedding dress. For instance; you should choose ponytail with crew neck, halter collar or bicycle collar wedding dress. So, you can have a modern looking. If you have an open neck or strapless dress, you should tie your hair at the top or have your hair free. If your dress is open shoulder you can balance your looking with a veil hair model. You can use a bridal crown hair model with a strapped wedding dress.

Bridal Make-up

If you have an oval face you can choose any make-up, it will definitely fit your face. You can use eyeliner and eyeshadow to take all the attentions to your eyes. If you have a round face you must concretize your chin and cheekbones. You can shadow your cheeks to take attentions to you face. You can choose porcelain make up if you have a square and rectangle shape face. You can also compensate you defects on your face by using porcelain make up.

You can visit our gallery to see the trendiest bridal hairstyles and make ups of 2018!





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