12 New Long Hairstyles and Haircuts For 2018


Some Tips to Have A Great Long Hairstyles

Are You Looking for Practical Long Hairstyles? These great ones are just for you!

You may feel free to wander around flipping your long hairs. It is just a chance that most of the people dream about. However, you may get rid of looking ordinary. Then, you are looking at the right page. We will introduce you the latest and the smartest long hairstyles of 2018!

  1. Low One Side Bun

First of all, your hair must be wet. Apply some hair moss to wet hair and begin to dry at middle heat. It is important to comb your hair to one side by using your hand while drying them. At the same time try to separate your hair as deep as possible. After drying them completely, create a bun by making a pony tail and bending it to the side you comb your hair. You can also fix it using hair spray. It will probably be the favorite long hair style of summer 2018!

  1. Center Parted Semi-Bunched

Move the blow drier from right to left, whirl your hair to your fingers to have a natural wavy hair. Then, part them from the center. Curl a big tuft of frontal hair and pin it to back by using a hair grip. Do the same for the other side. Complete the design with a hair spray. So that, you can have the right long hair style for 2018 spring!

  1. Deep Side Parting

Part your hair from both side as much as possible and brush it to the side you side you separate. Slick your whole hair down and apply hair care oil. Use hair spray as the last touch. It is the coolest long hair style of 2018!

You can visit our gallery for more long hairstyles.



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